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About GR-ASP™

GR-ASP™ is a new problem solving methodology invented by e-VANS Corporation, that can save your project millions of dollars by improving efficiency, and reducing disputes and change orders.  Our GR-ASP™ methodology uses upstream thinking to bring together the contract documents, project life cycle and organizational chart to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of your project.  It is a picture that replaces thousands of words.

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Why is it that 75% of projects are over budget, and 77% of projects are behind schedule*?  Often people and organizations are caught in a self-propagating cycle of downstream work – solving emergencies, dealing with problems. We never take the time to go upstream to find what causes problems in the first place.

Bringing upstream thinking to major projects begins with the issue of problem blindness – when we don't see a problem, we treat issues as inevitable and out of our control.  GR-ASP™ resolves this problem blindness, by giving visibility to problems.  It  is an important tool which replaces complex documents and organizational charts with a clear picture.

* Source: IDC / Procore Technologies Inc. survey, 2021


Webinars include a 20-minute presentation by Gary D. Evans, President, e-VANS Corporation, followed by Q&A and discussion.  We look forward to seeing you! 

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GR-ASP is a 3-Step Collaborative Process

Step 1

Develop the Graphical Representation; a fundamental building block that displays who does what, when, where and how things get done.

Step 2

Identify Problem / Opportunity Pairs; to illuminate problems such as oversights, duplications and process issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 3

Evaluate each opportunity by ease of implementation and impact. Develop and action plan through robust stakeholder dialogue.


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Step 1: Develop the Graphical Representation

The detailed development of GR-ASP™ is e-VANS Corporation's Intellectual Property (patent and trademark pending in Canada and US).  This provides us with the visual tool that illuminates the entire contract.  This step includes:

Contract Document Review

Overlaying the Organizational Structure and consult with stakeholders

Understand the Project Life Cycle


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Step 2: Identify Problem / Opportunity Pairs

The purpose of Step 2 is to interpret the GR-ASP™ to build knowledge and understanding of the contract in a way that reveals potential problems and opportunities.

Define who does what, where and when.

Look for potential problems such as process issues, gaps, duplications, and overlaps.

Generate a list of Problem Opportunity Pairs (POP).

This process enables us to identify potential problems and turn them into opportunities.


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Step 3: Prioritize and Implement Action Plan

Each Problem Opportunity Pair (POP) is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10 and plotted on two axes – implementation and impact.  We work with your organization to develop an action plan, through robust stakeholder dialogue.

On the implementation scale, 1 represents effortless while 10 is arduous.

On the impact scale 1 represents irrelevant while 10 represents critical / vital to the project’s success.

The goal is to find easy to implement (quick win) POPs that are significant to project success.  In the same manner there may be some opportunities that are critical to project success that must be implemented despite the high degree of difficulty (difficult solutions).

Benefits of GR-ASP™

Finding Hidden Problems

The GR-ASP™ methodology is powerful at finding otherwise hidden problems and the results can be overwhelmingly beneficial.  Some common problems that we uncover include:

  • unclear roles
  • misalignments
  • duplications
  • gaps in governance
  • missing engagement

Cost Savings

The financial benefit of applying GR-ASP™ has proven to be substantial on all projects. For consulting fees of one hundred hours (equivalent to the coffee supply budget on a large project), the application of GR-ASP™ has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars. The average benefit / cost ratio is estimated at 2000+. Here are the results of the three examples discussed in our whitepaper:

Benefit Cost Ratio
$204 M 160 hrs 3000 +
$450 K 92 hrs 20 +
$186 M 118 hrs 3100 +

Many Applications

GR-ASP™ has been successfully applied to a vast array of projects and at various points in the project life cycle. GR-ASP™ can find efficiencies and cost savings for:

  • Any EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project delivery method.
  • All components of a contract.
  • Entire Project Life Cycle.
  • Any type of business contract.

Success Stories



GR-ASP™ identified over $204 Million savings on a major Public Private Partnership (P3) Project.

On a major infrastructure project, our patented GR-ASP™ process exposed issues with decision and sign off processes, deliverables and information flow.  The Benefit / Cost ratio was 3000 +.




GR-ASP™ identified over $450 Thousand savings on a Procurement Application Process. 

On a public sector procurement – application process, GR-ASP™  revealed problems with roles and process including approval processes, and unnecessary steps and gaps in accountability.  The Benefit / Cost ratio was 20 +.



GR-ASP™ identified over $186 Million savings on a major infrastructure project.

On a multi-billion dollar Public Private Partnership (P3) infrastructure project,  two GR-ASP™ were developed; one to understand the project life cycle, and the second to focus on the conclusion of the construction phase.  The Benefit / Cost ratio was 3100 +.


Download our GR-ASP™ White Paper

Read more about how GR-ASP™ can benefit your projects in our White Paper. We identify issues before they happen by showing who, what, when, where and how things get done.  We invented GR-ASP™ to apply  on ALL project delivery methods, for ANY stakeholder, across ALL components of a project, and over the ENTIRE project life cycle.

Three industry examples are discussed in detail, where GR-ASP™ identified millions of dollars in project savings.

e-VANS Corporation

e-VANS Corporation is a vibrant engineering and project management company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada providing services across North America. In addition to our new GR-ASP™ service offering, we offer services in engineering, project management, change management, and value engineering. For more information on our experience and team, visit e-VANS Corporation.

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